Wrist revision arthroplasty

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FIGURE Type of revision arthroplasty of wrist revision arthroplasties in the Netherlands in 2019 (n=29)

Type of revisionNumber (n)
Total revision10
Partial revision6

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TABLE Reasons for revision in patients who underwent a wrist revision arthroplasty in the Netherlands in 2019 (n=29)

Reasons for revision  Number¹ (n) 
Loosening of carpal component 8
Lysis of components 6
Instability 6
Loosening of radial component 5
Infection 4
Dislocation 3
Implant fracture 1
Loosening of ulnar component 0
Peri-prosthetic fracture 0
Other 8

¹ One patient may have more than one reason for revision or re-surgery.

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